Apple TV outselling iPads

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It seems that the ever popular Apple TV is now outselling everyone’s favourite tablet.  Maybe not suprising considering the amount of five star reviews it’s got, of which this is just a flavour (from reviewer  Ibraar “le_saracen”):

“Let me start by putting it bluntly, for the benefit of people reading reviews who want to know whether to buy this or not.
YES, buy it and here’s a short summary.

Small discreet and beautifully made box.
HDMi 1080p and S/PDIF output.
Easy to connect and set up.
Intuitive onscreen menu system – with aluminium remote.
iTunes Movie/Music, Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube, Netflix etc
Connects seamlessly to the iPhone and Macintosh and Windows PC (I have discovered)
Mirrors iPhone – play games/browse/Watch Movies on iPhone/Pad/Pod in full 1080p HD on your TV wirelessly.
Mirrors Macintosh (with OS X Mountain Lion+) Mirror your iMac or Powermac Pro screen!
Very stable and quick.
Does not compete with but adds another dimension to Virgin TiVo/Sky etc

Who wouldn’t want one after reading that?

See IPads from more information.


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