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Breitling, the pilot’s watch of choice.

Breitling For Bentley

Breitling For Bentley

Breitling create gorgeous watches, impeccably built to the highest possible standards, and with an obvious connection to aviation industry.   From the winged logo to the propeller-like sweep of the hands, these wristwatches are the aviators choice.

The Navitimer World Men’s Quartz Watch with Black Dial Chronograph Display and Brown Leather Strap A2432212/B726/756P  is a classic example of the watchmaker’s craft.  Presented in rose gold, this classic timepiece is guaranteed to turn heads and get noticed.

Here are the top selling Breitling watches this week:

Best selling gents Breitling watches this week

Best selling ladies Breitling watches this week

Whether on a steel, gold or crocodile strap, a Breitling carries the distinction of being a little unusual, whilst screaming quality and class.  As a genuine luxury watch brand, you can be assured that even if your peers know nothing about quality watches, they are going to know you are wearing something special when you strap on one of these fabulous watches.  The knowledge that your new watch has a self winding automatic chronometer movement will be between yourself and any connoisseur you happen to meet.

Breitling’s tie in with Bentley (the luxury car manufacturer) has created some wonderful wristwatches, perfect for both the country estate and the city penthouse alike.


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