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Omega SeaMaster

Omega SeaMaster

Omega, the original: “Moon Watch”

The Omega Speedmaster is the only watch to be worn on the surface of another planet: specifically by Apollo astronauts on the moon who would wear two Speedmasters, one strapped to each arm of their space suite. Able to operate in the vacuum of space, watches such as the Speedmaster are officially “flight tested” by NASA and have been used by astronauts (and Cosmonauts!) ever since.

Here are the best selling Omega watches and accessories.  Use the price slider to choose an upper and lower price range for your search.

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    Click here for review of the Omega Seamaster 300 M

    If that wasn’t cool enough, the Seamaster 300M is James Bond’s watch of choice.

    Omega brands include the Seamaster (including the Super Ocean), a world class professional divers watch, the Speedmaster and the Deville, a more formal dress watch.  All look as good with a pair of jeans as they do with a tuxedo.

    Omega make genuinely World class timepieces.  Watch fanatics are constantly debating which is the best brand, Omega or Rolex?  If you ask my opinion, I will say Omega since the quality of materials and the engineering of these timepieces is simply outstanding.  These are genuine chronometers, and can be trusted to keep time in the most trying of conditions (see: The Moon).

    These watches retail for around half of the price of a commensurate Rolex, despite being (in my opinion) better products.  An extra bonus is that It’s unlikely that your new watch will be taken as a fake, which is always a possibility with a Rolex, since there are so many fakes out there (and so many “fake” people tend to gravitate to the Rolex brand unfortunately).


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