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What’s the best lawn mower?

Grass never gives you a break.  It just keeps growing and growing.  There is no point putting it off, sooner or later you are going to have to cut it.  On the positive side you are going to get the positive glow and smug satisfaction of somebody who has just cut the grass.

So don’t put up with a scruffy lawn:  chop it down to size and make your garden more presentable to your neighbours with one of these best-selling lawn mowers.  Choose from Flymo,Bosch,Black & Decker,Greenworks,Mountfield,Hyundai,Hayter and McCulloch brands, and use the price sliders to set your spending limits.

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    There is no point struggling with some old off brand hover mower; these days a high quality rotary petrol model is not going to break the bank, and that is going  to give you hours of fun cutting stripes, patterns and paisleys into your lawn.

    Best Selling Flymo Lawn Mowers

    Best Selling Black & Decker Lawn Mowers

    If you want a work out, then why not get an old fashioned manual mower?  These give a nice cut and being human powered are good for the polar bears as well as giving you a workout at the same time.

    Best Selling Greenworks Lawn Mowers

    Lawn Mowers

    Mountfield Princess 34 Electric 4 Wheel Roller Lawn mower

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