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Entertainment comes in many formats.

What do we do to keep us entertained?  Anything and anything to keep the boredom away.  WIth today’s consumer electronics nobody should ever be bored again.

Want the hottest new film to keep forever?   Then a DVD or BluRay is for you. Yes you can stream them now from services such as Netflix, but owning the DVD brings lots of extras such as extra scenes or directors commentaries.

Bestselling DVDs


Bestselling Blu Ray disks

Up on Blu-Ray entertainment

Up on Blu-Ray















Bestselling Music

Want to keep up with the latest music? Then check out the current top ten below. If you buy from Amazon, then you will get the advantage of Amazon “AutoRip” which will automatically transfer any discs into digital format for your convenience. I like to keep the CD for my hifi unit and use the ripped version on a USB stick in the car.


Bestselling Videogames

If video games are your thing, then check out the top ten selling videogames and consoles. Endless fun for all the family. For a breakdown of the best selling PS4, XboxOne, PSP, PS3 and XBox360 title, see our “Consoles” section.


GTA5 Last Of Us entertainment

GTA5 & LastOfUs, two great games










Bestselling Videogames Consoles

Consoles entertainment

Next-Gen Consoles













Bestselling Software

Xbox one Titles

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Apple iPad Mini tablet

Apple iPad Mini

If you havent already got a tablet PC, then in my opinion the one thing you really need, at least in the area of popular electronic gadgets, IS A TABLET PC!

They really are the next step in personal computing.   Apple led the way with the (still great) iPad, but now the market is packed with hundreds of brands of tablets, so even the Apple phobic amongst us (and there are dozens of us, dozens!) can have a fantastic. slick and convenient tablet.

Here are the bestselling tablets overall.  Choose from Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung brands, and use the proce slider to specify how much you want to pay.

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    Some people might use them for Facebook or Twitter whilst in bed, others might prefer to watch TV or send emails (I use mine for fantasy football), there is no end to the amount of use you can get out of a tablet.

    With so many competing, quality brands available, prices are at rock bottom.  You really can nab a bargain in this area if you know what to look for.  The best selling lists below will tell you what other consumers are buying which should help you choose the best tablet for your needs.

    Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi A1432 64GB tablet

    Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi A1432 64GB

    Google Nexus 7 tablet

    Google Nexus

    7-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablet

    7-inch Kindle Fire

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

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    “I’ve decided to sell my Hoover … well, it was just collecting dust.”*


    OK they are not the most glamorous of items, but where would be be without the humble electric vacuum cleaner?  Certainly more dusty and dirty.  A good hoover is not only going to make your house cleaner, but it will also make the task of vacuuming quicker, easier and more efficient.

    Most people don’t really care about hoovers, so how can you possibly know which one to buy when the time comes that you must replace whatever trusty workhorse you currently use? Which is the best hoover?   Personally I am a Henry man, but if I’m really honest that is just because Henry’s have a face and are called: “Henry Hoover”.  I have no idea if they are actually any good or not.

    To help you choose, here are the best selling hoovers and accessories right now.

    Best selling Hoovers

    Vacuum Cleaners

    Carper cleaners

    Hoover bags

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    Hoover Filters


    * Joke thanks to Tim Vine  🙂

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    Power Tools

    Power Tools

    Good tools make any job easier

    Tools are cool.  The mark of a man is the quality and quantity of them in that man’s shed.  Saws, sledgehammers and chisels; I’ve got the lot.  But my favourite is definitely my hammer-drill, a lovely bit of Bosch!  I very nearly bought myself a mitre saw the other day, just because I liked the look of it.  Fortunately sanity kicked in and i realises I had literally no use for it, but I was tempted.

    But perhaps you don’t actually desire any tools, but perhaps you simply need to do a bit of DIY?  Perhaps you need to hand your new TV, or maybe something more adventurous like putting up a shed?  If you are in the trade then you will already know this, but whatever job you are planning to do, getting the correct tool for the job will make the task much easier.

    Blunt tools can be very dangerous, since you end up putting far more effort and force into using them.  Hacking away at a nice piece of timber with a rusty old saw is not only going to give you a poor cut, but a fairly good chance of tetanus when the rusty old thing jumps from the wood to your thumb.  So don’t make do with an old rusty hammer and a hand drill, invest in a powerful new hammer-drill and do the job in a fraction of the time!

    And remember: every man needs tools to be manly.  Every woman needs tools to actually do stuff.



    Best Selling Makita Tools


    Best Selling DeWALT Tools


    Best Selling Stanley Tools


    Best Selling Bosch Tools

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    Kitchen Appliances

    Kitchen Appliances

    Kitchen appliances make life so much easier.

    We would still be cooking on a fire pit without our ovens.  Now I know some people might actually quite like that, but they are not the people who would have to prepare, fuel, fire up, and clean the fire pit.  Give me an oven any day. Top ten ovens below.

    I need coffee to survive, so a good kettle is essential to keeping me alive.  If your kettle is getting on a bit, the chances are it will be covered in limescale, flakes of which will be being deposited in your warm beverages.  Now I’m no scientist but that sounds like it could eventually turn you into a stalagmite it you are not careful.  To prevent this, I present you with the top ten best-selling kettles.

    If bread is the staff of life, then toast is a life all toastie.  Top ten toasters down below!

    The beauty of the fridge is that you don’t have to eat all the food you buy on the same day that you purchase it.  Storage is important!  Top ten fridges down below.


    Best Selling Kettles


    Best Selling Toasters


    Best Selling Ovens