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Jewellery, the gift that keeps on giving

Looking for something special for the other half?  If so take a look at the best-selling jewellery below.  Brands include some of the best online jewellers including: Carissima, Citerna, Miore, Pamela Love, Pandora, Naava, The Pearl Source, Theia, and Xzara.  Whether you are looking for something in silver or gold, or maybe even pearl, there is something for everybody on Yngoo. Use the price slider to set your spending limit!

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    Weather it’s a curb bracelet or a delicate necklace,  an ear-ring or a nose ring,  sapphires or diamonds,  Yngoo can show you what jewellery is popular right now.

    Brands such as Carissima and Citerna produce luxury items such as the gold diamond cut bracelet below.  If white gold is more your thing then take a look at the Miore range for beautiful delicate pendants and diamond earings.  Pamela Love and Pandora produce modern, funky, yet elegant jewellery for the woman with discerning taste.  Naava specialise in beautiful rings; diamond eternity rings and engagement rings are a speciality.  If a wedding is looming then Theia and Xzara are wedding ring specialists.  For pearl jewellery look no further than The Pearl Source.

    Carissima Gold 9 ct Yellow Gold Two-Row Diamond Cut Curb Bracelet of 21 cm/8.5-inch Jewellery

    Carissima Gold 9 ct Yellow Gold Two-Row Diamond Cut Curb Bracelet of 21 cm/8.5-inch

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    Mont Blanc – the best money can buy

    From the finest of pens, sunglasses and executive luggage to luxury perfume, why not spoil yourself with a true piece of luxury from Mont Blanc today?







    Montblanc 145 Classique Fountain Pen Masterpiece Classic

    Montblanc 145 Classique Fountain Pen Masterpiece Classic

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    Easter is just around the corner

    This means only one thing: chocolate eggs.  OK so there is more to the meaning and symbolism of Easter,  but that is for somewhere else.  Here we are all about the chocolate, because chocolate makes us happy.


    It’s a fact that whether you are religious or not, Easter is a big deal because of the amount of chocolate that you can legally eat.  I don’t know why the rules exist, but they do.  Chocolate is totally allowed at Easter, possibly because Jesus said so or something.  Scroll down to see what the most popular chocolate and egg offers and deals are right now, whether eggs, bunnies, or just general chocolate (even some jewelry) so knock yourself out.  If you buy early, you will have time to buy yourself some more before Easter!




    Easter Jewelry

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