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Entertainment comes in many formats.

What do we do to keep us entertained?  Anything and anything to keep the boredom away.  WIth today’s consumer electronics nobody should ever be bored again.

Want the hottest new film to keep forever?   Then a DVD or BluRay is for you. Yes you can stream them now from services such as Netflix, but owning the DVD brings lots of extras such as extra scenes or directors commentaries.

Bestselling DVDs


Bestselling Blu Ray disks

Up on Blu-Ray entertainment

Up on Blu-Ray















Bestselling Music

Want to keep up with the latest music? Then check out the current top ten below. If you buy from Amazon, then you will get the advantage of Amazon “AutoRip” which will automatically transfer any discs into digital format for your convenience. I like to keep the CD for my hifi unit and use the ripped version on a USB stick in the car.


Bestselling Videogames

If video games are your thing, then check out the top ten selling videogames and consoles. Endless fun for all the family. For a breakdown of the best selling PS4, XboxOne, PSP, PS3 and XBox360 title, see our “Consoles” section.


GTA5 Last Of Us entertainment

GTA5 & LastOfUs, two great games










Bestselling Videogames Consoles

Consoles entertainment

Next-Gen Consoles













Bestselling Software

Xbox one Titles

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The Sony PS3 is still an amazing piece of technology.

Both a games console and media hub, the PS3 is ideal for anyone looking for entertainment, whether from classic games such as “Grand Theft Auto V” and “The Last Of Us“, or simply from watching Netflix!

Looking for the cheapest PS3 console deal around?  Here are the top sellers right now.

Top PS3 Games




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Looking for the best deal on a Xbox One console?

Look no further. Here are the best selling deals and bundles right now.


XBox One

XBox One

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Looking for the best deal on a PlayStation 4 console?

Look no further.  Here are the best selling PS4 deals and bundles right now.

Best Selling PS4 Games