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Apple iPad Mini tablet

Apple iPad Mini

If you havent already got a tablet PC, then in my opinion the one thing you really need, at least in the area of popular electronic gadgets, IS A TABLET PC!

They really are the next step in personal computing.   Apple led the way with the (still great) iPad, but now the market is packed with hundreds of brands of tablets, so even the Apple phobic amongst us (and there are dozens of us, dozens!) can have a fantastic. slick and convenient tablet.

Here are the bestselling tablets overall.  Choose from Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung brands, and use the proce slider to specify how much you want to pay.

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    Some people might use them for Facebook or Twitter whilst in bed, others might prefer to watch TV or send emails (I use mine for fantasy football), there is no end to the amount of use you can get out of a tablet.

    With so many competing, quality brands available, prices are at rock bottom.  You really can nab a bargain in this area if you know what to look for.  The best selling lists below will tell you what other consumers are buying which should help you choose the best tablet for your needs.

    Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi A1432 64GB tablet

    Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi A1432 64GB

    Google Nexus 7 tablet

    Google Nexus

    7-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablet

    7-inch Kindle Fire

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

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    Scroll down for Apple, Sony and Sandisk brands




    Apple iPod Shuffles

    Apple iPod Shuffles

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    It seems that the ever popular Apple TV is now outselling everyone’s favourite tablet.  Maybe not suprising considering the amount of five star reviews it’s got, of which this is just a flavour (from reviewer  Ibraar “le_saracen”):

    “Let me start by putting it bluntly, for the benefit of people reading reviews who want to know whether to buy this or not.
    YES, buy it and here’s a short summary.

    Small discreet and beautifully made box.
    HDMi 1080p and S/PDIF output.
    Easy to connect and set up.
    Intuitive onscreen menu system – with aluminium remote.
    iTunes Movie/Music, Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube, Netflix etc
    Connects seamlessly to the iPhone and Macintosh and Windows PC (I have discovered)
    Mirrors iPhone – play games/browse/Watch Movies on iPhone/Pad/Pod in full 1080p HD on your TV wirelessly.
    Mirrors Macintosh (with OS X Mountain Lion+) Mirror your iMac or Powermac Pro screen!
    Very stable and quick.
    Does not compete with but adds another dimension to Virgin TiVo/Sky etc

    Who wouldn’t want one after reading that?

    See IPads from more information.


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