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“I’ve decided to sell my Hoover … well, it was just collecting dust.”*


OK they are not the most glamorous of items, but where would be be without the humble electric vacuum cleaner?  Certainly more dusty and dirty.  A good hoover is not only going to make your house cleaner, but it will also make the task of vacuuming quicker, easier and more efficient.

Most people don’t really care about hoovers, so how can you possibly know which one to buy when the time comes that you must replace whatever trusty workhorse you currently use? Which is the best hoover?   Personally I am a Henry man, but if I’m really honest that is just because Henry’s have a face and are called: “Henry Hoover”.  I have no idea if they are actually any good or not.

To help you choose, here are the best selling hoovers and accessories right now.

Best selling Hoovers

Vacuum Cleaners

Carper cleaners

Hoover bags

Hoover Filters


* Joke thanks to Tim Vine  :)

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Fridge is a strange word.

Hotpoint Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer FFU4DSX

Hotpoint Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer FFU4DSX

Look at it.  It really doesn’t look like it’s spelled correctly does it?  The plural: “fridges” is even worse.   That is one ugly-looking word right there.  Or maybe it’s just me?  No, its wrong.  I’d like to stick to “refrigerator” but that is not much better is it?

Whatever, we all need a fridge (or in my case a fridge-freezer), but let’s be honest: life’s too short to actually know much about them, other than they keep your food cold and fresh.  You might know you want an American-style, but all the big brands makes American-style fridges, so unless you happen to have seen a specific item in a shop and “just have to have it” then it’s unlikely you are going to have much clue about what’s what.

So if you need to replace your ageing rusty old hulk that sits in the corner of the kitchen, how do you know which one is best and most likely to fit your needs?

To help, here is a collection of lists of the best selling fridge freezers, American refrigerators, larder fridges, beer fridges and accessories this week.




Best selling fridge freezers this week



Best selling Zanussi fridge freezers this week

Best selling Hotpoint fridge freezers this week

Best selling Electrolux fridge freezers this week

Best selling refrigerators this week


Best selling larder fridges and accessories this week