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Everybody needs a mobile phone

From the latest Galaxy S8 Edge and Apple X smartphones, to the humble Nokia 225, mobile phones are an essential piece of modern life.  With the roll out of 4G, multi-processor technology and OLED screens, the speed of these things is incredible.  Facebook and Twitter load in an instant on the newer models.  If your budget is more limited then there is still budget value models such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, which is just as capable as it’s bigger brothers, if not as stylish or quite as swish to use.

Here are the best-selling mobile phones and bundles for the most popular brands.

Choose from Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC or HuaWei brands, and use the price slider to set your own price range.

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    Modern smart mobile phones really can do anything nowadays, from controlling your TV to storing and playing your music, sending WhatsApp picture messages to friends and family, and even making the odd phone call now and then.

    Apple 8GB iPhone 4S Smartphone - White

    Apple 8GB iPhone 4S Smartphone – White

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